Public Relations (PR) and Sponsorship Services

Although the business laws and regulations are stringent, Dubai has always been known for enticing every business tycoon, due to its efficient licensing and sponsorship programs. Every organization in Dubai is expected to have a legally-approved process in place. GCBC is a company that abides by all the rules of the country and is registered with the UAE Ministry of the Economy and the Dubai Department of Economic Development. GCBC has a team of lawyers, legal advisors and PR professionals who you can seek advice from. GCBC ensures that all the preliminary work such as Company registration, licensing, sponsorship and so on are done by personnel from our PR team who is a UAE citizen.

Administration Services

With the assistance of highly-proficient Personal Assistants (PAs) from the Administrative department in GCBC, you can be freed from a lot of hassle. They act as a panacea for most of the petty issues that happen at your workplace. They are at your service in terms of scheduling meetings, screening phone calls, meeting and greeting clients, maintaining office systems like data entry, liaising with clients, staging meeting assets and so on. While your focus is on your business activity, their focus will remain to be the smooth functioning of those back-end activities thereby allowing you to be free from a lot of confusions and collisions especially when there are back-to-back meetings.

Accounting Services

Financial Accounting and keeping the records up-to-date is very crucial for any business venture to be in line with the laws and taxation rules of the country. The Chartered Accountants (CAs) hired in GCBC make sure to keep a tab on your cash inflows and outflows. The Accounting team in GCBC being one of the most important pillars of our business setup helps in conducting financial audits and maintaining better credit management in the organization, depicts a clear picture of the organization’s financial health, notifies in case of any risks and enhances the company’s overall goodwill.

Legal Advice and Legal Services

Legal services department is an unavoidable element in every organization, to provide viable and tangible solutions when required. GCBC owns an in-house legal team with skillful lawyers who assist you to get your onboarding easily and rightly. They were authorized to perform the following tasks so that they add value to your business:

  • Provide legal advice and to draw up formalities regarding the settlement of disputes that may come up during renting out our workspaces.
  • Provide assistance in reviewing and completing all the legal documents and other relevant legal materials.
  • Inform business partners about the legal developments in the GCC countries and MENA regions.
  • Provide information about free zone and non-free zone areas.

Translating Services

For effective business communication, understanding and to be able to converse in both the native language along with English is a mandatory requirement. At GCBC we have a team of Translators who are impeccable with multiple languages. They provide you assistance in numerous areas of communication irrespective of language.

  •  Translate all legal documents such as trade licenses, certificates, litigation documents and non-legal documents such as PPTs, user manuals, brochures, website content and so on to your native language from Arabic and vice versa by keeping the essence and the tone of the documents intact.
  • Edit and proofread your translated documents for an error-free final document and any communication gaps.

IT Services

The primary objective of having an in-house IT division ‘Skai-Tec IT Solutions’ is to provide an instant remedy to all your technical issues that may arise during your work hours and to meet the overall infrastructural requirements (IT supplies and consumables – both hardware and software) of your business such as:

  • Fast and secure Wi-Fi
  • Server maintenance and Cloud Storage Support
  • CCTV and Access Control Solutions
  • Web designing and Web Application development

Complaint Management Service

We have an efficient Complaint Management team that can handle issues sensibly and with very less turnaround time. Any issue or complaints will be addressed proactively without hampering the reputation of the organization.